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PINSPY Ad Finder is free to download from the Chrome Web Store. You can use the tool and find ads on autopilot for free. 

If you’d like to get more information about the Ads, like the count of repins, reactions, comments and the date of creation, you need a PINSPY Subscription. Our service is just $49,- per month for unlimited usage. You can use our spy-tool and Ad Finder tool without any limits.

Using PINSPY for the first time? You can start your free trial over here!

Yes we do! If you’d like to try PINSPY, we offer a 14-Day Free Trial.

Your free trial starts after signing up, we require an authentication with your bank.

Within your free trial, you have unlimited access to PINSPY for 14 days. After 14 days, we will charge $49,- per month. You can cancel your subscription anytime, even before we make the charge after your free trial.

Sign up here.

If you can’t login to your account, you can reset your password on the login-page.

If you get the message that there’s no account registered on your emailaddress, please check the emailaddress you filled in.

If you can’t remember the emailaddress you used to sign up for PINSPY, please contact us on one of the options above. We kindly ask you to share the payment details stated on your creditcard charge.

Do you have an active subscription for PINSPY and you’d like to cancel? You can do this by simply login to your account on Go to My Account > Subscription -> Cancel Subscription. Your subscription will stop at the end of the period, we won’t charge any new fee’s anymore.

At this moment, PINSPY accepts that accounts are being used by a maximum of 3 people within the same organisation/business. This means that you can share the account with your researchers.

The terms and conditions may be modified in the future, which could prevent sharing an account with a basic subscription, potentially requiring an upgrade. If this change occurs, you will receive an email with an explanation from us. For now, you can still share your account within your own business.

It is strictly forbidden to share your account with multiple people outside your own organisation. PINSPY has the right to suspend your account when there’s a suspicion that your account is being shared with others.

App troubleshooting

There are a few reasons why the Ad Finder can’t find Ads on the feed. One of the most common reasons is that the country you’re in (or your VPN-connection), is not supported for ads. Check if your country is supported by checking this list.

Also, the Ad Finder works best on personal Pinterest accounts. If you’re not finding ads and are logged in with a business-account, try switching to your personal account.

Still not getting any results? Shoot us a message at or send us a message.

Yes you can! As an advanced advertiser, you already know every big platform has a learning algorithm. And this algorithm changes on the way you interact with your feed. If the platform thinks you might be a customer and have intentions to buy, it will show you more ads of that kind.

So how do you do this? Simply, interact more with the Ads you’d like to see. Search on specific products/keywords and find the ads in that feed. Click on them and put products in your cart. With this method you will definitely change the feed you’re getting to see!

As you might already have seen, the Ad Finder finds A LOT of Ads. While you are waiting, our servers need to process the ads to give you the right information. I depends on how much ads the tool needs to process for you, but usually you should not wait more than 3 minutes per 100 found ads.

Note: You don’t have to wait on the page for the ads to process. You can do other tasks in the meantime and check back later.

Are you using the Ad Finder and you’re unable to use Auto-scroll? Auto-scroll works on all new and recent versions of Chrome. Do you have an older version of Chrome? In that case, auto-scroll may not work.

Updating to a newer version of Chrome is often the solution. If you do have a new version of Chrome and auto-scroll is still not working, it could be that other plugins are interfering with this function. In this case, try disabling other plugins and restarting the browser.

Does the problem still occur? Please submit a contact form with the details of your browser (version) and operating system (Windows 7/8/10, OSX, etc.) so that we can investigate the problem and help you solve it.